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Opportunities in Australian agriculture

As one of Australia's foremost agricultural management companies, Corporate Agriculture Australia provides specialist independent advice and unrivalled service to clients seeking direct opportunities in Australian agriculture.

Experts in the Australian farmland sector, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee that every client is shown the farmland opportunities available in Australia that best meet their requirements on income and risk.

Specialising in the sourcing, due diligence and full management of Australian farm properties for overseas and national corporate clients, Corporate Agriculture Australia is at the forefront of Australian agricultural management services. As we have no direct involvement in raising capital or in operating our own farmlands, we are genuinely able to work exclusively in our clients' interests.

Recognising the importance of the management of the asset post purchase, we provide clients with a complete farm management service that is fully tailored to their individual needs. Taking a professional, hands-on business approach at all levels, we make sure that our clients’ farmland properties are operated smoothly and efficiently, be it by us as operational managers or by the tenants under a lease model.

With a thorough, first-hand understanding of Australian farmland property, we help clients navigate the Australian agricultural land market and offer complete pre-purchase due diligence and post purchase management solutions, to deliver the most profitable outcomes to each of our clients.

A growing market

With a rapidly growing world population and increased food demand and consumption, the necessity to secure global food commodities has never been greater. Australia is widely recognised as one of the world's largest and most stable agricultural producers of food products and is also a significant exporter of food into the population masses within Asia and Africa.

With Australian farmland providing a reliable, long-term growth investment that will remain unaffected by any economic slowdown or inflation, the business opportunities available now in Australian agriculture have never been greater.

Contact us to see how we can assist you to enter an asset class likely to become a critical asset class for astute investors.

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