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Corporate Agriculture Australia is emerging as Australia's leading farmland investment and management service and has an impressive list of achievements on behalf of its clients. CAA was formed by the recent restructure of FARMANCO Management Consultants.

Specialising in farm management, agronomy and grain marketing, our preferred service provider FARMANCO was founded in 1978 and has steadily built a solid reputation through the ongoing, long-term relationships it has developed with its clients. FARMANCO conducts all services for grower clients while CAA Pty Ltd provides all services to investor, institutional and non-grower landholders. FARMANCO currently handles over 830 farm businesses, with a total farming asset base of AUD$5.9 billion of which AUD$5.0 billion is land.

Clients of the FARMANCO farm 2.45 million hectares of arable farmland and crop 2.2 million hectares annually, producing per annum:

  • 3.75 million tonnes of grain (wheat, barley, canola, pulses and lupins)
  • 36 million kg of sheep meat and lamb
  • 14 million kg of beef
  • 11 million kg of wool


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With practical, in-depth knowledge of the Australian agricultural industry, Corporate Agriculture Australia has the experience and resources to ensure that clients are presented with the most suitable and productive farmland options. Our management of client farmland is focused on developing relationships and implementing strategies to reduce risk and maximise profit.

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