Corporate Agriculture Austalia

Due Diligence

Due Dilligence

Corporate Agriculture Australia has years of industry experience and unique local knowledge that puts us well ahead of other providers of agricultural land due diligence services. We understand the complexities and lateral issues involved in the identification, financial and physical analysis and procurement of Australian farm property and can identify and avoid any potential pitfalls that may be present.

Working solely in the rural land sector, we have the knowledge and the relationships that will assist us to identify prime investment opportunities that will produce sound returns for our clients. The ability to identify value in any individual property and then conduct a thorough and rigorous due-diligence process is what sets us apart from others. Essential due-diligence services we provide are;

  • physical inspection of the property and its infrastructure
  • soil testing to determine nutrition and pH status
  • mapping of the property to determine true arable area and property boundaries
  • assessment of future required expenditure on the property
  • preparation of a detailed property report
  • production analysis based on historical production data
  • financial analysis of likely investment returns
  • facilitating a sworn valuation of the property
  • legal due diligence in regard to current ownership
  • environmental survey and notation

We carefully investigate all aspects of potential land purchases and shortlist preferred properties before presenting our recommendation to prospective clients. Having sourced over 80,000 hectares of land for clients in the past 18 months alone, we know what to look for and you can be assured that by using our services you save considerable risk and cost.

Purchase Negotiation

Purchase Negotiation

Clients looking to acquire Australian agricultural properties will benefit from our team's outstanding knowledge of farmland property and its true value. Our extensive experience allows us to accurately determine a fair purchase value for any property and this is strengthened with our use of government data on recent property sales. We will not recommend a property to a client unless we are confident it can be purchased below its likely sworn valuation.

Our negotiation skills are attuned at obtaining the best deal for our client. Our standing in the agricultural community is such that we can guarantee that we will negotiate a better purchase price for a property than a client could do so directly. In almost every case, the reduced purchase value we achieve more than covers all of our service fees.

Let us negotiate the land purchase on your behalf and you will be pleased with the result we achieve for you. That's our guarantee. Contact us for more information on these services.