Corporate Agriculture Austalia


Joint Ventures - FARMANCO

Our company has developed a business relationship with the following companies.


Joint Ventures - Landmark

Our preferred servce provider, FARMANCO, is Australia's largest consultancy group and specialises in agronomy, commodity marketing and management support to Australian farmers.


Landmark supplies a complete range of agribusiness products and services to farmers throughout Australia, including chemicals, fertilisers and a number of other peripheral farming products.

Agri Investment Services

Joint Ventures - WA Property Lawyers

A subsidiary of Corporate Agriculture Australia that provides comprehensive bookkeeping services to investor and grower clients and non-related businesses. Services include; accounts payable and receivable, financial reconciliations, preparation and lodgement of BAS for GST, payroll and superannuation payments and all other required services.

WA Property Lawyers

Joint Ventures - Halifax Investment Servcies

WA Property Lawyers specialise in the legal aspects of property purchase and ownership including rural conveyancing. They provide advice and services to several of Corporate Agriculture Australia’s investor clients.


Joint Ventures - Azure Capital

Halifax Investment Services are a key player in the brokerage and trading of stocks, futures, CFD’s and Foreign Exchange. Halifax provide low margin currency conversion for many of Corporate Agriculture Australia clients.

Azure Capital

Azure Capital is a leading Australian based financial institution focusing on corporate advice and funds management. Azure has experience in agribusiness projects and capital raising and administers the Australian Farmland Fund

Joint Ventures - Avon Legal

Avon Legal

Joint Ventures - Oil Mallee Association of Australia

Avon Legal specialise in all facets of law with agricultural legal services amongst them. Avon Legal provides services to Corporate Agriculture Australia clients through drafting contractor and lease documents.

Oil Mallee Association of Australia

Joint Ventures - Land Commodities

The Oil Mallee Association of Australia is a company focused on aligning growers and plantations for sustainable landscape management in dry-land areas. Corporate Agriculture Australia will work with OMA to develop suitable initiatives for clients looking to produce mallees for a number of enterprise options, including sustainability, eucalyptus oil production, biomass for wood products or liquid fuels, and carbon offset.

Land Commodities

Land Commodities Asset Management is a Swiss based group specialising in placing agricultural investments into Australian farmland.