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Many investors into farmland simply seek the best and most consistent returns and are happy for CAA to guide them in the placement of funds into property producing a certain commodity. Others have a desire to invest into a particular commodity or a particular region. Irrespective of the client brief, CAA can successfully source land that fulfils the client criteria.

Whatever the type of property, crops or livestock you are looking to procure or produce, Corporate Agriculture Australia can help you locate quality farmland opportunities to meet your requirements and do so in a timely, confidential and fee effective manner.

We have experience and success in sourcing land across Australia across many commodity types, so be it wheat producing farms, olive groves, beef cattle stations, dairy farms or high rainfall horticultural land, we can help you achieve your objective.

Whilst many clients have large sums to invest, CAA is happy to facilitate individual investments under a lease model, as low as AUD$300,000 and can successfully do so due to the ability to access off-market landholdings. At the other end of investment scale, we can source and aggregate land for an individual investor to above AUD$100,000,000 in value.

We offer clients a vast range of different land property and farming options and are able to search and find special farming ventures to meet specific criteria.

If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us to see how we can help you.