Corporate Agriculture Austalia

Lease Management

Lease Management

Corporate Agriculture Australia independently handles all aspects of lease management and administration for clients.

Proper lease management is critical to the financial performance of a leased farmland property investment. With our extensive experience, we minimise expenditure and improve income by securing relationships with suitable accredited tenants who can provide sound management which facilitates increased asset value.

Our services in regard to Lease Management are;

  • Sourcing accredited and qualified lessees
  • Negotiation of lease conditions and development of formal legal lease agreement
  • Frequent property inspections to determine adherence to lease conditions
  • Provision of an annual report to the investor on the properties condition and likely value
  • Assessing and implementing any required capital expenditure
  • operating an account on behalf of the client from which to pay any expenses
  • collection of rental incomes on behalf of the client
  • provision of reconciled accounts for all financial and book keeping transactions
  • enforcement of lease conditions when required.

Lease default in Australian Farmland is rare and once a lease agreement has been negotiated with a quality tenant, rental income is secure and essentially guaranteed. Contact us for further information on this service.