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Operational Management

Operational Management

For clients who wish to purchase farmland to operate as a farming business, Corporate Agriculture Australia can assist the new owners to develop and implement a management strategy and team, or can comprehensively manage the property and its operations on behalf of the new owners. CAA are experts in all areas of operational farm management. Services offered include;

  • development of an operational strategy
  • budgeting, rotational planning
  • The selection and employment of staff and/or contractors
  • The selection of farm machinery and farm inputs
  • The provision of professional agronomy, commodity marketing and benchmarking services
  • Comprehensive book keeping and compliance services
  • full responsibility for the farms operation.

Our operational management services are exclusively tailored to the investors' requirements and are fully comprehensive. Having significant experience in managing operational farmland for current clients, including 30,000 hectares for a single client in 2011, we will guarantee to manage your property at the highest level throughout the life of the investment.

Investors who purchase farmland to operate themselves, value our consultancy and at-call services which provide support for individuals or groups entering the farming sector for the first time.

If its an existing property or a planned one, contact us to see how we can support you in becoming an agricultural producer.