Aussie farms a safe bet

Aussie farms a safe bet

Date Published: 7th September 2011

By Marcus Elgin, Published in the Weekly Times. Read the full article here.

FOREIGN investment is a good thing and has always been around, writes Marcus Elgin.

There has been a considerable amount of marginally informed discussion on foreign investment in Australian farmland and agribusiness.

With recent reporting of the substantial acquisitions by Canadian, US, Chinese, Qatari, Singaporean, British and Dutch interests, one could be forgiven for believing that virtually everything of valuehas been snapped up already and Australia is just someone else's farm.

Driven from both the loony Left, the loony Right and the paradox of the Right-wing agrarian socialist, the noise is a long way from the truth.

Foreign investment in farmland is not just a good thing; it's a historical fact and a boon for the farm more

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